Eat in Season Promotes Healthy Eating

Food52The Scottish government is encouraging the public to make an effort to consume fresh local produce. The initiative is called Eat in Season, and its goal is to cultivate more mindful eating habits across the country. It is being promoted largely as a matter of health. Cooking with local organic produce is healthier than preparing the same recipes with equivalent ingredients from a grocery store.

Eat in Season also promotes adventurous eating. One cannot cook the same dishes year-round if she is following the program, since most fruits and vegetables have limited periods of natural viability. This is the literal meaning of Eat in Season. People are being challenged to limit themselves to only the freshest foods. This requires a bit of education, since surveys have shown that there is widespread ignorance regarding the times during which particular foods are in season. People are so accustomed to buying whatever they want in stores that they have never had to learn when those foods appear in nature.

It is expected that Eat in Season will help people save money, since foods are cheaper when they are in season. The government is also hoping that people will embrace Eat in Season based on promises of more flavorful meals. The genetic modification of produce is so pervasive that it is likely that many Scottish citizens have not eaten fruits and vegetables in their pure, organic forms in years. Eating produce while it is in season encourages experimental eating and health-conscious cooking while supporting local economies.