The Peat Inn

The Peat InnThe Peat Inn is a special place to dine or stay for a weeknight, weekend, or just to have a different type of dining experience. Highest quality found throughout the Inn and its restaurant, guests will find themselves treated to the utmost in courtesy and Scottish tradition. High-class clientele will find their needs met as nowhere else, with the ability to reserve the entire Inn, if desired.

Those who would like to simply dine in the restaurant are welcome to do so, but will miss out on the bed and breakfast services provided to overnight guests. The Inn was established in the 1700′s and is full of Scottish history. The Peat Inn, located near St Andrews, has recently been awarded several different awards for its excellence. Two of those awards are in the five-star category. The Peat Inn has had a reputation for its high quality and wonderful cuisine for years, and its owner and head chef, Geoffrey Smeddle, has only added to that reputation. His wife, Katherine, has charmed guests throughout their stays, and has also added to the positive reputation The Peat Inn continues to enjoy. A visit to The Peat Inn is something that will be remembered for years and years to come.