Edinburgh Fringe Festival

fringeThe Edinburgh Festival is an event that has been happening every year since 1947. Thousands of individual events make up this fantastic Festival every year, and thousands and thousands of people from all over the world attend, with some people making it a yearly habit. The arts portrayed at the Festival

The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh has many preview shows of its live performers where tickets are often less pricey, with many being sold for only £5 and others being labeled 2-for-1 tickets for shows on August 5 and 6, allowing more people to attend several events.

There is something for everyone at the Edinburgh Festival and it’s very likely there is more than just one type of event that you’ll want to attend. The film festivals are always full of cinema lovers wanting to see something that can’t be viewed ‘back home.’ Children coming to Edinburgh are sure to want to attend the Imaginate Festival for the wonderful theater shows designed just for the younger set. For those who want to hear jazz and blues, the Festival is a sure-to-please source of serving up a myriad of different performers. Most events are held during August, but some, like the International Storytelling Festival, are held at different times. The International Storytelling Festival is held in October, instead. Always book early, regardless of which events you want to see, as many sell out quickly.