Food & Drink Industry Sees Major Success

FoodandDrinkThe Scottish food and drink industry has had a record-breaking period of growth. In 2009, industry officials predicted that profits would not exceed £12.5bn until 2017. Shockingly, that goal was reached in 2011. The goal for 2017 has been increased to £16.5bn. This news should resonate well with the public, since it means that nearly 6,000 new jobs will be created in the next few years.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead is thrilled with these numbers, which reflect the quality of the food and services that people are receiving in restaurants and pubs. The reason the goal was set in the first place was that, prior to 2007, there was a long period during which there was absolutely no growth in the industry.

This victory was the perfect precursor for Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, a public celebration of the food and drink industry. People have been encouraged to visit new restaurants and to support old favorites. During this time, dining establishments offer deals and host special events. There is no doubt that the Food & Drink Fortnight has contributed to the industry’s success over the past few years. The popularity of the event illustrates the Scottish population’s fondness for high-quality food.

The food and drink industry’s record-breaking success is owed to government-endorsed events like the Food & Drink Fortnight and cooperation within the industry. Widespread efforts to improve food quality and institute high standards of service have caused people to eat at Scottish restaurants more than they ever have before.