The HOWLing Events for Displaced Scotsmans’ Descendants and Those Who Wish They Were

Scotland is a small country but its people has a history of emigrating to other countries. Many people today have Scottish ancestry, and with the study of genealogy becoming more popular, many people want to visit the homeland of their ancestors. This is where the HOWLing events can help those conducting research by teaching them about the culture, the everyday life of the common people who lived in the area generations ago. HOWLing stands for Heritage Organisations of West Lochaber, and it adds more than just a genealogy service to those currently available.

howlingAs the website says, it is not about this castle or that monument, but about who lived there, who built it, the children, the elderly and the daily goings on of everyday life. It is also about why some people left, and where they went and it is also about who they left behind. The HOWLing is also about working with people who currently live there, as things have not changed much in many areas of life and those there now can share much insightful knowledge to those seeking information about their ancestors. Information centers on the typical person who lived in the West Lochaber area in the distant past. An Diasporran is the building of a huge database for those who have descended from people of West Lochaber.

Different events scheduled for July, 2014, will educate those doing research into their family history on many different areas of life. Some of these events are called Roots Days, during which specific areas are concentrated on regarding those ancestors. During the July 17th Roots Day activities, the areas of Kilmallie & Achnacarry, Mallaig & Knoydart, Glenfinnan, Loch Ailort & Roshven will be studied. Several other areas are covered during the four other Roots Days, ensuring most of Scotland is looked at during the entire event.