Typical Scottish food

Scotland’s foods are extremely hearty and filling. Rich buttery rolls called rowies are served with main dishes containing robust meat or fish and locally grown vegetables. Rowies are quite salty, as they were originally intended to be kept for long periods of time on fishing boats. These hearty meals are very filling and they are also extremely healthy. Lunch and dinner usually includes a sweet dessert, such as a pudding or cake.

For those on the go and in a hurry to get to an event, a great menu item that is sure to be a winner is Scotch pie. These pies are made with mutton and are well-seasoned. The crust on top is lower than its edges so gravy, beans, or other ‘side’ dishes can be added.

For the chef in you, traditional Scottish recipes are something you can enjoy no matter where you are. Many ingredients such as the Arbroath Smokie are available for purchase through the internet and increases your creation’s authenticity. Many more traditional Scottish recipes can be found here.

Scottish foodFresh fruits, vegetables, and the potato are mainstays in everyday cooking. When visiting friends in Scotland or dining at a restaurant, the produce eaten is sure to be the freshest available anywhere. Scotland is one of the world’s number one producers of many different varieties of produce. Many farms and farmers markets have been around for decades growing the country’s fresh produce. The Ardardan Farm Shop in Argyll also has a garden nursery and a tearoom for guests. Other places to purchase fresh produce in Scotland are the Ardross Farm Shop in Fife, the Brig Farm Shop and Cafe, just south of Perth, the Knowes Farm Shop in East Lothian and The Cheesery in Dundee.

The Ardross Farm Shop offers fresh beef, delectable cheeses and meals to go for the busy sightseeing tourist. The Brig Farm Shop & Cafe offers vegetarian menu items in addition to the traditional meat-inclusive options. They also use gluten-free flours whenever possible. The Knowes Farm Shop also has other attractions that make it well worth the time to visit. Aromatherapy, Reiki and massage are available from the on-staff herbalist in a wood-stove heated yurt. The Cheesery offers every type of cheese imaginable, and also offers gift baskets in varying styles and sizes. Goat, sheep and cow cheeses are available.